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Here are responses to the questions we get asked more frequently:

Q: How can LL.M Studio help me?

A: Our aim is to help by sharing the experience of others who have gone before you and thought provoke you in the process. Much like what upperclassmen and women do for their incoming peers, that is what we are looking to do for you. Our aim is to share some of the scoop and “inside information” you may not learn until you actually get to law school. Why reinvent the wheel when you can benefit from the wisdom of your peers?

Q: I’m thinking of applying to law school. Will you look at and evaluate my application?

A: Unfortunately, no. At LL.M Studio, although our aim is to be a resource for foreign lawyers seeking guidance, we don’t provide individualized advice or review law school applications or essays.

Q: I have personal questions I’d like answered. Can I e-mail them to you?

A: For a while, we responded to personal e-mails we received from prospective students from all over the world. However, due to the sheer amount of correspondence we receive, we are no longer able to respond to individual inquiries. We are truly sorry about that. But if you have questions, send them. You may inspire a posting for our blog --that has in fact already happened.

Q: I have questions about specific schools and programs. Where can I find answers?

A: LLM Guide has a discussion board that covers a lot of questions from students. The postings and conversations held there may provide you with additional insight into specific schools and programs, as well as other questions such as financing, admissions, etc. We encourage you to visit their site. It is a great source of info (as well a potential place to meet future classmates).

Q: How do I request information from each of the different schools?

A: The best place to get information is to go to the school’s website. There you’ll probably find most of the information you need as well as contact information for the Admissions Office, in case you have specific inquiries.

Q: I disagree with some of the information included in the site, as it doesn’t reflect my experience or things I have heard from others. Who can I contact?

A: Please note that we don’t claim to have all the answers. What we seek to provide is information, a bit of guidance and a point of view on what we know the experience to be. In any case, do tell! We’d love t get dissenting opinions as that only enriches the dialog as well as our (and eventually our readers’) views. You can e-mail any comments by using the “Email Me” button that is on all pages of this site.