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Other Resources

Although sometimes a bit scarce, there are useful additional resources exploring the LL.M/JD experience for foreign lawyers. Here is a sampling of a few we found particularly helpful (or just plain interesting):

The Unofficial Guide to U.S. Legal Studies: For Foreign Lawyers (ABA Publishing)

This is a brand new Guide created by a pool of international lawyers, who are also educated in the U.S. Our own Johana M. Gomez is a co-author and co-editor of this publication. It is intended to serve as one-stop source for international lawyers seeking to continue their legal studies in the U.S. For more information see our latest blog and the ABA Publishing website.

LL.M Guide

As many of you probably know, LL.M Guide is a great resource for all things LL.M. They are by far the most prolific in covering the unique issues foreign lawyers face and a fantastic source of information. Before launching this website, we posted some blogs and comments at their site. In fact, we are still members and plan to continue contributing in the future.

Here is a sampling of articles we find particularly relevant:

  1. Guide to LL.M Studies in the United States

  2. Do Law Firms Value the LL.M?

  3. The Value of a LL.M in a Globalized World

  4. The Value of an LL.M Revisited

  5. Guide to Funding your LL.M

Articles by Professor Carole Silver of Indiana University Maurer School of Law

Professor Silver is a prolific author as well as an authority in LL.M studies and the internationalization of the legal profession.   We encourage you to read her articles. She makes interesting and relevant observations about the increasingly global nature of the legal profession and the challenges faced by foreign lawyers coming to the U.S. to further their careers.

Here are some of our favorites:

  1. The Foreign Lawyer’s Top Ten List for Success in the U.S. Legal Market

  2. The Case of the Foreign Lawyer: Internationalizing the U.S. Legal Profession

  3. Internationalizing U.S. Legal Education: A Report on the Education of Transnational Lawyers

International Law Student Association’s Website

For a complete list of LL.M programs as well as other resources and listings. ILSA also produces a number of printed publications (some of which are available online) covering numerous topics of International Law. Here is a link to the February 2010, LL.M Issue where one of our articles was published.

Career Guides for Foreign LL.M Students

A number of schools offer handbooks and career guides for LL.M Students. Here is a selection of great resources:

  1. Yale Law’s International L.L.M Career Planning Guide

  2. Berkeley Law’s International LL.M Career Guide

  3. The George Washington University Law School’s Foreign-Trained LL.M. Student Career Development Manual

  4. UCLA School of Law’s International LL.M Student Handbook on Career Related Information

ABA Section of International Law’s WebSite

The Site for this Section of the American Bar Association includes information on events, publications and articles which might be of interest.

ABA Law Student Division’s Website

The American Bar Association’s Law Student Division site offers some interesting information. Although most of it is not tailored to LL.M students per se, it could prove to be helpful.

Check out this manual aimed at 1Ls (first year JD students). It has tips that could be helpful for you too!

  1. How to Survive The First Year of Law School

As we come across more sources, we’ll keep updating and spreading the knowledge.

If you come across any interesting articles or sites you think others might benefit from (without copyright restrictions, of course), please feel free to share! We’d love to get an e-mail with a link.