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A note on the reason for our existence

LL.M Studio was created with the sole purpose of providing insights and advice for foreign lawyers seeking to get an advanced law degree from a U.S. law school.

Although there is abundant information for native JD students, through our own experience we realized that foreign lawyers are practically on their own when it comes to thinking about getting an LL.M or a JD degree in the U.S. This virtual absence of information inspired us to create a resource tailored to their specific needs and with their questions in mind.

This mission suits us really well because we have been through the experience ourselves. LL.M Studio is headed by a native Colombian lawyer (who holds both an LL.B and a JD), and counts with an extensive network of alumni from a wide range of top U.S. schools who want to share their experience and hard earned wisdom.

That in a nutshell is the reason we exist: To engage and thought-provoke foreign lawyers like you, who are looking to get law degrees in the U.S. And although we don’t claim to have all the answers, we will at least pose interesting questions and give you our point of view on a few possible approaches.

So, whether you are just starting to think about applying, are contemplating your options or have been accepted to a LL.M or JD in the U.S. this site is for you. We hope it helps point you in the right direction.


What This Site Is About

Here is a note from our founder.

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